88Tequila.com Get’s a Facelift

We are proud to announce that our website has undergone a recent change. Here at 88 Tequila we strive to bring elegance and class to every aspect of our products. Our website is no exception…

We have added a new sense of clean, simple, clear elegance to our site by shifting our color scheme to easier view ability and crisp vibrant images. 88Tequila.com is now more user friendly and takes you from point a to b with ease & minimal clicks.

The website now also includes a fully developing mixology page that allows you to see all your favorite 88 cocktails and which expression of 88 Tequila it works best with. Now you can enjoy it straight or in a recipe you’re sure to fall in love with.

Since 88 Tequila has recently launched into the international market our site has also more added features such as language change and lists of our World Wide Distribution channels. Now if our fans around the globe want to learn more about 88 or see where there can purchase a bottle all the information is on their fingertips.

Our entire team is truly excited about this great launch & looking forward to all your thoughts & comments. Think we missed something? Don’t see a feature that you feel would add to our site? Just want to tell us how much you love it, like we do? Share with us! Email: Info@88Tequila.com we want to hear from you!